Ultravac 7 in 1 Vaccine (Various Sizes)

Ultravac 7 in 1 Vaccine (Various Sizes)

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Ultravac®7 in 1 is used for the routine immunisation of cattle for the prevention of enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney disease), tetanus, black disease, malignant oedema (blackleg-like disease), blackleg and leptospirosis in cattle. For the prevention of urinary shedding of the named leptospires in cattle when used prior to natural exposure and to prevent the risk of human leptospiral infection associated with the shedding of the named leptospires in the urine and from the reproductive tract of cattle.

For the prevention of reproductive tract colonisation and placental and foetal infection with L. hardjo.

Use & dosage

Shake well before use and keep thoroughly mixed during use.

A single 2.5ml dose is given via subcutaneous injection.

1st Dose

2nd Dose



6 weeks

12 weeks


Previously unvaccinated cattle

From 6 weeks of age

4-6 weeks later



When the risk of infection is high, the vaccination of calves can start from 4 weeks of age. However if the initial two doses are completed before 3 months of age then an additional dose should be given 6 months later, then annually

Before vaccine is injected, the proposed site of inoculation on the animals skin may be cleaned by swabbing with cotton-wool soaked in an antiseptic solution, such as methylated spirits.


  • Store unused materials upright at 2-8 °C (refrigerated).
  • Protect from light.
  • Use all product within 30 days of opening vial


  • ESI not applicable
  • Nil withholding periods


  • Chilled products will be shipped Monday and Tuesdays only

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