All-Trace Bollus (Per Bollus)

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Trace Element Bolus for Cattle

  • Aids in the prevention of trace element deficiencies in cattle
  • Delivers a continuous supply of vitamins and trace elements for 240 days
  • No more guess work in mixing rations for free feeding
  • All animals receive their daily requirements

Organic, beef and dairy producers now have access to an approved “All In One” nutritional supplement to assist in addressing the nutritional demands of their cattle.




All-Trace Boluses for Cattle contain trace element and vitamin materials, coated with an inert polymer resin  except for one open end. The boluses settle in the reticulum and gradually dissolve from the uncoated end, partly by dissolution and partly by abrasion of one bolus against the other. The boluses dissolve completely over eight months and leave no residue. All-Trace has an active life of 240 days.

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