Mirotec Calf Coat - Small

Mirotec Calf Coat - Small

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Small Mirotec Calf Coat for sick or compromised calves.

Keeping calves warm can be the difference between life and death.

Calves have low body fat reserves and are susceptible to hypothermia when they are sick. This is especially so in cases of scours where dehydration exacerbates hypothermia. Hypothermia weakens the calf’s immune system and is a significant cause of mortality. Warming the calf is an essential part of treating scours and the Mirotec Calf Coat is a simple but effective way of doing this.

Calves suffering from other diseases, such as pneumonia, often respond better if they are kept warm. The Mirotec Calf Coat can also be used preventatively for calves exposed to severe cold weather.

The Mirotec coats contain a specialised reflective material which is laminated to the polyester lining. When placed against an animal’s body Mirotec reflects the heat produced by the animal, improving blood circulation, whilst at the same time allowing water vapour and moisture to pass through the laminate.

These coats are lightweight, durable and weatherproof. They are designed to snugly fit the calf’s body to insulate against heat loss and prevent heat exchange into the surrounding cold air. They are not suitable for machine washing but can easily be cleaned by hand. They are available in three sizes to accommodate various calf breeds. We suggest these coats are reserved for sick calves and those in recovery. 

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