Fresh Cow Drench - Single Dose

Fresh Cow Drench - Single Dose

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The transition period (3 weeks prior and 3 weeks post calving) is one of the most critical times in the production of cycle of an adult dairy cow.

These cows are at a high risk of a number of metabolic disorders that can affect dairy farm profitability. The significant nutrient requirements for the rapidly growing calf and for the preparation of the mammary gland for lactation often result in adult dairy cows being in a state of negative nutrient balance. Although a commercial lead feed and a balanced milker diet can help to minimise the negative nutrient balance, many dairy cows can still benefit from the oral administration of a fresh cow drench immediately after calving.

The key components of a fresh cow drench include:

  • Calcium – prevents subclinical hypocalcaemia which is a common finding in fresh cows
  • Magnesium – like calcium is often low in fresh cows
  • Potassium – an important electrolyte that is commonly low in cows which are not eating well
  • Propionate – source of long lasting energy to help prevent subclinical ketosis

The Vet Group has developed our own fresh cow drench based on a formulation of these key ingredients.

Indications (uses)

  • Administer to fresh cows post calving to address negative nutrient balance and subclinical ketosis
  • Use for supportive treatment following LDA/RDA surgery, ketosis or metritis

Dose rate and administration

Mix contents of bag into 20L of clean water.

Administer orally using a stomach tube or McGrath fluid pump. Ensure staff have received adequate training prior to using the McGrath pump as incorrect use can be fatal.


  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Avoid puncturing bag before use


  • Milk: NIL
  • Meat: NIL
  • ESI: n/a

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