Standard Oesophageal Tubes 10pk

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These standard oesophageal tubes are designed to be screwed onto any size Perfect Udder bag.

The semi-rigid smooth plastic design allows easy passage into the oesophagus and the integrated end-piece provides added security when feeding calves by this method.  These tubes are included in all standard Perfect Udder Kits and are also available individually. 

These are commonly called ‘stomach tubes’ for feeding colostrum and/or electrolytes to calves. Colostrum and electrolytes are actually deposited into the oesophagus as opposed to the stomach so ‘oesophageal feeders’ is more appropriate.

This is a 1.8 litre feeder with large screw attachment for easy filling. Flexible tubing at the screw attachment allows the tube to be kinked on passage and removal, to prevent any liquid from entering the trachea (windpipe). Curved corner-less design allows easy cleaning after use.

NB. Providing colostrum and /or electrolytes to calves by oesophageal feeder requires specific training. Untrained persons should not attempt to carry out this procedure as poor technique can be fatal for the calf.  


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