Perfect Udder Sample Kit - 3L

Perfect Udder Sample Kit - 3L

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The Complete Perfect Udder® colostrum management sample kit is ideal for trialling the Perfect Udder system.

Each complete colostrum management kit contains:

  • 10 colostrum bags (your choice of 3L or 4L)
  • 1 nipple assembly
  • 1 oesophageal feeder

The Perfect Udder Colostrum Management Kit is the solution for handling colostrum from harvest to feeding without the fear of re-contamination, while also allowing the colostrum to be pasteurized, refrigerated, frozen, reheated and fed through a nipple or oesophageal feeder all from the same container. With its special heat conductive materials, the Perfect Udder allows complete pasteurization and also quick cooling and warming of product.

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