Potassium Sorbate 50% Solution (Various Sizes)

Potassium Sorbate 50% Solution (Various Sizes)

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Potassium sorbate is a food grade additive that can be used for the short term preservation of fresh colostrum.

Potassium sorbate inhibits bacterial growth, meaning that hygenic colostrum treated with potassium sorbate will keep for 5 to 7 days stored in the fridge. However, it must be noted that potassium sorbate that is heavily contaminated with bacteria will not be 'cleaned' by using potassium sorbate. Therefore, excellent hygiene practices in the collection and storage of colostrum remains essential.

Mixing the solution

  1. Potassium Sorbate 50% is a solution made up of 50% potassium sorbate granules and distilled water. Once mixed, it should be used within 60 days.
  2. Pour the provided bottle of distilled water slowly into the container of pre-measured potassium sorbate granules. Be mindful that the bottle does not overflow.
  3. Once all of the water has been added, replace the lid and shake the bottle well. It may take a few minutes for all of the granules to dissolve.
  4. Allow to settle and the foam that forms on top to dissipate.
  5. Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and use as required.

Using the solution

  1. Potassium Sorbate 50% is a preservative that can extend the life of refrigerated colostrum by inhibiting bacterial growth.
  2. Collect colostrum into a clean container. Perfect Udder bags are ideal.
  3. Estimate the volume of colostrum to be treated.
  4. Add 10ml of Potassium Sorbate 50% per 1L of colostrum (refer to the table below).
  5. Mix well.
  6. Refrigerate and use within 7 days, or freeze for up to 12 months.

Volume of colostrum to be treated

Volume of Potassium Sorbate 50% to be added














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