Ultravac Scourshield 100ml

Ultravac Scourshield 100ml

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Ultravac Scourshield is for the vaccination of cows as an aid in the prevention of calf scours caused by bovine rotavirus and E.coli and for control of calf scours caused by bovine coronavirus.

The newest, and most practical vaccine for the prevention of calf scours in Australia conditions.

Ultravac Scourshield offers a flexible dosing interval allowing easy management of cows pre calving, via a window of 2-6 weeks prior to calving for the 2nd dose, with the first dose given anywhere between 3 and 9 weeks prior to the second dose. The annual booster can also be given between 2 and 6 weeks prior to calving. This allows for simple management of calf scours in your herd.

Ultravac Scourshield joins other important dry off tools such as Teatseal, Dry cow and Ultravac 7 in1 in setting up your cows for best success.


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