Vibrovax (Various Sizes)

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Vibrovax® vaccine is used for the prevention of infertility and abortion in cattle caused by Vibriosis. After a comprehensive Vibrovax® vaccination program, the effects of vibriosis will be minimised. However, a continuing vaccination program for bulls and heifers is highly recommended.

For the prevention of Bovine Venereal Campylobacteriosis (Vibriosis). It is suitable for use in both beef and dairy cattle.

Vibrovax® vaccine has several unique benefits.

  • Heifers can be vaccinated after 18 months of age with a single 5mL dose
    (2 doses are required if the program begins before this time).
  • An annual dose of 2mL or the convenience of a 5mL dose every two years will provide ongoing immunity against vibriosis.

Pack Size

2mL Adult Cow Booster

5mL (young cattle and bulls)


25 doses

10 doses


125 doses

50 doses


250 doses

100 doses



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