Steinfort Pelvic Lift & Transport System

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Latest Model:

  • Cow Pelvic Hip Lift MD3
  • This system speeds up lifting time and aids the transportation of downer cows
  • Humane & Effective – Simple for the operator & more humane on the animals
  • Similar to hip clamps in operation & supports the pelvis more effectively.

Features of the Pelvic Hip Lift:

  • Lifting action positions the pelvic seat under the cow’s pelvis (above the udder)
  • This keeps the animal’s back straight and aligned (unlike hip clamps where the hind-legs tilt down, straining the lower back)
  • A webbing strap evenly lifts the brisket
  • Cow lifts are horizontal as both lift points are matched
  • Pelvic Hip Lift and Transport system takes about ten minutes to apply
  • Animals can be safely and humanely transported for considerable distances
  • Ideal for dairy cows & heifers
  • Also fits & is suitable for large beef cows & heifers
  • Unique counter lever lifting action drives the pelvic support system into place, beneath the pelvis
  • Pelvic support system self locates through this unique action
  • Simply apply & tighten the hip clamps & the tractor action drives the pelvic support system.


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